Electronic Arts has yet to officially take the wraps off a second game in its rebooted Medal of Honor series, but that hasn't stopped the publisher from continually referencing it.

Last year, copies of Battlefield 3 included an insert all-but advertising the game. And those who finished Medal of Honor's singleplayer campaign will know it ends directly setting up a sequel.

The latest mention comes from a representative of UK retailer GAME, who having attended an EA trade event eagerly took to Twitter to exclaim "EA presentation was great. Had mentions of a new Medal of Honour and Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead."


I hope if the game comes out this year, there's not a Bad Company title to go along with it. There are only so many army-men-with-guns games I can take from EA in any given year.

I also hope they keep the beards. Considering how slow and linear the first game was, the beards were the only things keeping me awake.


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