EA Lost Command & Conquer Announcer's Voice Tapes, So She's Re-Recording Them

In putting together the HD remake of Command & Conquer, EA went to get the old recordings of the game’s announcer, EVA, and couldn’t find them. No big deal, they just went got the original voice actor to re-record everything.

Kia Huntzinger, a former employee at Westwood (the creators of C&C, RIP) was responsible for the iconic performance, which will be burned into the consciousness of anyone who played C&C for more than 30 seconds.


The good news doesn’t end there. Despite coming 24 years after the original, Huntzinger’s performance in 2019 sounds exactly as you’d remember:

The first time you hear each line here is the original 1995 line, the cleaner version afterwards is the 2019 version.

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