EA Looking To Market Crysis Ready PCs

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Now here's an interesting tidbit that came out of Comic-Con this past weekend. Electronic Arts is looking at marketing a line of desktop PC systems to coincide with the release of Crysis Warhead, branded with the Crysis name. The reasoning? More people who don't regularly use a PC to game will pick up a PC branded with a game name simply for the assurance that the system will run the title. They are looking at providing multiple systems at a price tag between $600-$800 to coincide with how well the gamer wants the game to run. This is a brilliant idea. I've always felt that PC manufacturers were missing out by not marketing directly to gamers. I'm not talking high-end, higher-priced dedicated gaming systems here. Just a PC with a sticker on it that lists the games it will run out of the box - kind of like how console packaging shows popular titles available on that system. I wish EA the best of luck. Perhaps they'll start a trend! EA wants to sell you a PC [Chris Remo's Remowned via Destructoid]


@Jeff Paine:

That's a good idea. I don't think this initiative by EA is bad, though, it's just taking a small step rather than a larger one like you suggested. If you're trying to market to a lot of people right away, then doing it based off of a well-known game is probably a better bet off the bat. In slightly longer terms, though, a rating system would be great.


I wouldn't go so far as to assume something like that. It'd be a terrible decision if they used some closed system with proprietary hardware, but I really don't think they're that stupid (I hope).


That'd be my other concern; I see this going either way. Either they're filled to the brim with crapware or miraculously clean.