EA Improving FIFA Online, Bringing It To The West

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FIFA Online, EA's free-to-play PC version of its blockbuster sports series, has been out in Asia for years. Keen to add some dollars and Euros to its coffers, though, EA will now be bringing the game to the West.


Featuring three game modes (World Cup, League and Versus), FIFA Online's attempt at lowering the bar for newcomers involves the use of a "mouse-play" control system (which is surely optional for those with control pads) and "adaptable difficulty".

Boasting upgraded graphics - based on the FIFA 10 engine - and containing all the leagues, licenses and players you've come to expect from the series, the new FIFA Online will kick off with an open beta in June.


It's the latest in a long line of attempts by EA to shift to a free-to-play, pay-to-upgrade model of play on the PC, following in the footsteps of Battlefield Heroes and Tiger Woods Online.

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Mouse control... guessing that'll be much like PES on Wii style control.