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EA: Hey, If Herman Cain Gets Elected, Don't Blame His Tax Plan on SimCity

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Did Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain get his "999" tax plan from SimCity 4? Well, probably not, but if he did look to a 2003 urban planning simulation game, don't go blaming developer Maxis if that economic policy fails.


While enjoying the publicity, it sounds like Maxis Studios' Kip Katsarelis is also hoping that Cain's plan is stronger than the default taxation levels in a video game.

"Serious lessons about urban planning and economic balance could be gleaned from the SimCity franchise but our hope is that players and candidates are just having fun," says the producer in a statement. "None of us here at Maxis are economists, but if there is a significant resemblance to Cain's plan then everyone should go play SimCity now and see the plan in action. Why wait until 2012?"


Knowing Cain, it could actually be super effective.


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