EA Gets the UFC License, Will Make Games For Years, Dana White Looks Uncomfortable

Electronic Arts and UFC president Dana White have just revealed, rather awkwardly, that the publisher has picked up the license for UFC from previous holders THQ, and will be making several games over several years.

I say awkwardly because, in 2010, White had this to say about EA. "Their earnings reports just came out and they suck. This company that used to control the whole video game world and were these big fucking giants, we'll see where they are in the next two years. And as as far as the MMA space goes, we'll kick the living shit out of them."


Yeah. In two years they'll be signing you cheques.

If you were wondering how EA got the rights off their beleagured rivals, it paid an "undisclosed cash payment to THQ"

Dana White's farewell letter to THQ reads:

Over the last three years, THQ has delivered best-in-class, all-encompassing experiences to MMA fans, sports enthusiasts and fighting gamers around the globe with its UFC Undisputed series. We want to thank them for their stewardship of our brand. We look forward to joining forces with EA to leverage their sports platform, and expand our brand in the video game space.


And THQ boss Brian Farrell had this to say:

We have relished our relationship with UFC over the last several years and believe that the UFC gaming brand is in great shape. THQ's more focused strategy moving forward meant that transferring the license to EA made sense to all parties. We would like to thank UFC for their great support and partnership and wish EA all the best moving forward.

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Dana White often says dumb things that later come back to bite him in the ass or just make him look bad. He really needs to cool it with the "tough guy" attitude when talking to the press. It's not impressing anyone and it just makes him really hard to take seriously.