Whew. We've just dashed from Microsoft's hectic E3 presser to EA's, at the "historic" Orpheum in downtown LA. Shall we see what's on offer? Shall we?

12:59 - Waiting outside on a surprisingly pleasant day here in LA. Looks like we're about to head in...

13:39 - Yeah, about o head in, 40 minutes ago. Now Luke and I are seated, music is playing, and the world is a joyous place.

Now they are talking EA Partners.

13:41 - Please excuse us for not using the spiffy, shiny version of our liveblogging, as it seems allergic to the wireless here in the Orpheum. Oh, this is Fahey, by the way. In case you were wondering.


13:46 We are still waiting. Endlessly waiting. This is a sure sign that some quality announcements are on the way.

13:52 - Not running late at all, no, no, no. Luke is having computer problems so he's hunting for a power outlet, and I am in total control, which is a terrifying thing.


13:55 - Emergency exit instructions! Maybe they are demoing EA's new Fire peripheral!

13:56 - This feels just like last year's EA press conference. Same place, same unique press smell.

13:57 - The screen is flashing with images from EA games. Spore, Brutal Legend, Tiger Woods, Sims 3, etc.




13:41 - Please excuse us for not using the spiffy, shiny version of our liveblogging, as it seems allergic to the wireless here in the Orpheum. Oh, this is Fahey, by the way. In case you were wondering.

14:05 - Something happens! It's a rendered trailer for Dante's Inferno, Looks very God of Prose.

14:06 John Riccitiello takes the stage. Today is a very special day...The Sims 3! YAY!


14:07: Here's a Sims 3 trailer. There are Sims, doing things. And applause.

14:08: THey've got 12 great games from 12 great creators. They are going to show us how great a platform the Wii is, and how much quality they are bringing.

14:09 John introduces Chip Lang...and some odd little animal things. He's the general manager of the Hasbro Division. He's talking LittlestPet Shop.


14:10 3 BRAND NEW PET ADVENTURES! City, Country, and Beach! YAYAYAY!

14:11: Littlest Pet Shop online, a mini-game powered world for kids! THey are showing a trailer. "Every girl's dream come true!" *grumble* It's cute. Kind of a 3D isometric looking deal. You can enter a code from a plushie to bring them online.

14:12 Now it's EA girls on stage with Dyan Williams, senior producer of EA's games for girls. Showing off the Charm Girls CLub. THere are four titles coming out...Pajama party for the WIi! SPEED HAIR TEASING. THey are using the Wii remote as hairspray cans!


14:15: Patrick Soderlund has come out to talk Need for Speed Shift. Showing the cockpit view, which looks completely amazing.

14:16: Showing us driver profiling....video died. Oops. Starting over. Different types of drivers - precise, agressive,. Players create rivalries and gain levels in these different profile styles. You gain points and level up...it's almost like a morality system for driving. Players get a unique personal based on personality, success, profile points, and badges.

14:18: They are showing the game in action. Still reminds me a lot of PGR. Looks nice. THey are having a competition at their booth where the player can drive home in a new BMW. Wgeeee.


14:20 Dr,. Ray Muzjya and Dr. Greg Zeschuk from BioWare are here with Dragon Age. YAY! "Dragon Age origins is our biggest, most ambitious game to date...filled with violence, lust, and betrayal."

14:21 Brand new in-game footage. Lots of footage of large armies, some really disgusting creatures. The music is awesome. Several shots of scantily clad women,m which is always a plus.

14:24: Now they are talking Mass Effect 2. They'll be making it even better than the original, which is great. I'd hate if they made it worse....


14:25 the first full gameplay trailer for ME 2. We've seen it, but it's still impressive on a big screen.

14:27: Now an EA Sports logo, and Peter Moore is out on stage. "We will deliver personal access to the feeling of sports".

14:28: He's going right into Fight Night Round 4. Round 4 is going to define graphics AND gameplay. THey are demoing the game live right now. 14:30: Apologies for some technical difficulties. We'll be adding what we missed in a bit. Right now they are showing Fight Night Round 4 on the 360.


Fight Night Round 4 is lauching on June 25th, a week early!

Just announced: EA Sports MMA - Mixed Martial Arts! Well under development, with martial artists from around the world.

He makes a tattoo joke, reaching for his sleeve...Peter Moore that is...:Just kidding....the wife would kill me"


14:34: Peter Chiange has come out to talk more EA Esports titles. The new EA Sports.com, launched today to bring sports fans together. Its a community website. Customizzing teams, personalizing players online,

Showing off NCAA 10 team builder web application. Customizing teams, stadiums, players, all online. AVAILABLE NOW. You can create your teams now and import them to your game once it is releaased.

14:57: Madden online franchise - Web-based applications for managing Madden , creating tournaments, leagues, trading, and there's even an iPhone app for it!


14:59L Now tey're doing Ea Sports Acive. There;s a blonde woman on stage talking about how great EA Sports Active is. They've sold over 600K units so far. The most successful EA Wii launch ever.

This Holiday they are bringing out an EA Sports Active expansion, with 30 new exercise set in a tropical
island theme.

14:40 THey are closing EA Sports with Grand Slam Tennis. A demonstration.
Peter is playing, doing badly....and now Pete Sampras walks out on stage to watch as they play him on the screen. Peter pretends not to kno he is there.


Oh look, Pete Sampras! Sampras says playing the game is easier than the real Wimbledon.

Moore closes : 2009 is like no other year for EA Sports as we contnue to redefine te genre.:

14:58 Now They are showing The Saboteur, from Pandemic Studios. Tom French is walking us through some gameplay. The black and white is very striking "Yes, you can climb the Eiffel Tower."


The protagonist has to blow up a fuel depot. He wears a disguise and plants explosives...BOOM. He escapes in a car and heads to a safehouse...a brothel, which seems to be a running theme in the game.

14:54: Here comes Tim Schafer to show Brutal Legend. "Did you make this game just to meet all these people? Well yeah, and I'm sorry you didn't think of it." He's talking about the Halfords. Lemmy playing the Killmaster. Lita Ford wearing a panther on her head.

14:56: TIm Schafer shared some very personal moments with Lita Ford when he was a teenager. Zing!


14:57: Ozzy! Woooo! They are showing a trailer that will premeir on Tuesday. Shows the cast. Ozzy says "About fucking time".

14:49: Jack has put his heart and soul into the game. Special video messge from Jack Black. Brutal Thoughts part 2. Jack has hooked an Xbox controller into his brain, making him the human video game, with Schafer controlling it. Schafer pushes buttons, Jack screams...let's just run footage. You had footage? And then Jack gives himself brain damage. "Go buy Brugal Legbone!"

15:00 Cevat Yerli is here to announce Crysis 2! He's the CEO of Crytek you know.

15:02 We are creating the game for the 360, PS3, and PC, all at once. CryEngine 3. Woot! We will share more with you later this year.


15:03: Riticello is back, introducing a new EA Partner. Welcome RealTime Worlds with APB. Creator and Founder Dave Jones takes the stage.

15:04 APB is an online city teeming with life, vehicles, civilians. 100 players enter with a mission to achieve fame and fortune. Some will be inforces, others will be criminals. They are showing player creation....the first look at the game in action!

People breaking into cars, walking with gangs, firefights. The voiceover talks about names and street rep...switching back and forth between the criminal and enforcer perspectives. Car chases. It looks rather pretty.


15:05 STAR WARS MUSIC. Jedi taking the stage. Dark and light. It's BioWare....Dr. Ray Muzkya and Darrel Rodriguez from LucasArts. Talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars will be the first ever FULLY VOICED massively multiplayer online game. Every playable character and NPC will have their own unique voice. This could be one of the largest voice over projects in the history of gaming.

15:10 I cannot believe they got these two to wear Jedi Robes.

The very first cinematic trailer!

It's the Jedi versus the Sith....large scale battle, a ship crashing into a hall reintroducing evil to the universe. Very cinematic. Nothing of in-game footage, just a massive attle between good and evil that I am sure we'll have up for you later today.


15:16: The trailer ends to huge applause, John comes out and hopes that we have a good show, and we rush to upload photos in hopes that you don't notice we lost internet for most of that!