EA Creates Madden For Disabled Gamers

EA Sports have teamed up with VTree, a provider of software for those with disabilities, to release what's essentially a modified version of Madden.

It's called "My Football Game", and while it won't win many awards for its graphics (it appears to be running on an ancient version of the Madden engine), it gets thumbs up for accessibility, having been specifically engineered so that it can be played by people suffering from both physical disabilities and developmental ones; for example those recovering from a stroke or other form of brain injury.


It's PC-based, and while it lacks Madden's customary NFL license, because it's been tested with the help of disabled combat veterans from the US armed forces, it does boast authentic uniforms and teams from not only the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, but specialised branches like Rangers and Navy Seals as well.

Games for Good [EA]

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