EA CEO: "There Will Be A Mercenaries 3"

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And if John Riccitiello has say in the matter Mercenaries 10 will be coming to the next-next-next gen platform of your choosing. Responding on today's earnings conference call to a question if some EA's recent releases would be "sequelable," Riccitiello unsurprisingly said "Yes." Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has sold 1.9 million copies for the company, making the third entry — and probably even the tenth — a bottom line no-brainer. At least EA's mercs have job security... Riccitiello also re-confirmed that Dead Space and the soon to be released Mirror's Edge would be further franchised but were "not likely to be annual sequels." Same for Spore, which will see new expansion packs and "new business models." Let's just hope all this franchise success doesn't put the kibosh on the company's drive for new IP.


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