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EA Brings Back "Controversial" Command & Conquer Level

Illustration for article titled EA Brings Back Controversial Command  Conquer Level

When Command & Conquer Generals was released six years ago, it was released minus one of the game's original levels. This level was deemed too "controversial", and has only just now been released.


Called "Black Sheep", the mission tasks you with driving one of the Global Liberation Army (ie the terrorist faction) chemical weapons vehicles around a "town that had been corrupted beyond salvation by the USA's propaganda".

Coming at the height of the WAR ON TERROR, EA decided back in 2003 that such a mission may have been a little much, and cut it from the game when it shipped. With the world slowly moving on by 2009, however, EA reckon it's totally cool to release it now, and anyone with a copy of Generals can grab it from the game's website.


Black Sheep [EA]

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I like games that let you play as the bad guys. What's the point of playing to pre-determined endings, right? I'm STILL waiting for a WW II game that lets you play as those OTHER GUYS.