E3's Fuzziest Controller Causes Cute Overload

This "Pluff" controller/application is more than a graduate student's master thesis — it's the cutest damn thing ever.

Diana Hughes from the University of Southern California created Pluff to function is a combination Furby/Tamagotchi pet that's both a controller and a virtual pet. Petting him makes him happy, slamming his head against a desk makes him sad. The better you treat him, says Hughes, the easier it is for the user to teach him tricks.


All I can say is "Want!" And I can say it as many times as I like because I'm a chick and feel no shame in loving fuzzy things.

Meet Pluff, The 'Stuffed Animal Controller' [IndieGames]

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I would LOVE to have a blob controller that looks similar to this for Nintendo's remake of A Boy and His Blob coming out this fall for the Wii! But, I don't think the Wiimote waggle would be the best for it. Here's a preview of the game from G4 if you haven't seen it yet: