E3 Twitter Rumors 'Uninformed,' Says Microsoft

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A mystery Twitter feed is spooning out rich details about Microsoft's Xbox 360 E3 press conference, from GTA info to Forza 3. Leaks? Educated guesses? Kotaku asked around.


Is that next GTA episode really called Blood And a Four-Leaf Clover?

Is Metal Gear Solid + Oxide about the be unveiled at the Microsoft E3 press briefing on June 1?

Such are the rumors being bandied in the increasingly-detailed, increasingly-popular, but who-knows-if-it-is-true Game Fork Twitter feed.

The always-responsible news division at GameSpot dumped the accumulated tweets of mystery Twitterer Game Fork into their rumors section earlier this week, lending just a little credence to a Twitter feed that's been fun to read.

Baffled, we checked with Rockstar about BAAFLC. They e-mailed back: "We don't comment on rumors or speculation."

We checked in with ever-quotable Microsoft group product manager and super-spokesman Aaron Greenberg. He e-mailed too: "I can confirm that this post is completely uninformed and does not even come close to matching our news for E3. You can't believe everything you read, but it is fun to see people trying to guess what will be shown at the show and we are excited to sharing our real news with everyone on June 1st."


And we were left, thinking, wouldn't the world be an easier place to live in if people just spoke clearly and everyone Twittered using their real name?

For the record, Microsoft took the unusual step prior to this E3 of not participating int he traditional spring pre-E3 Game Critics' tour. So while outlets including this one are sitting on embargoed news from the likes of EA and Activision — and on info offered by major publishers who ran their own satellite pre-E3 exhibitions — Microsoft has shown nothing to the press. If Game Fork is a real leak, he or she is not leaking from a press tour in the U.S. Maybe he's a viral marketer...


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