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Last week we polled you, our readers, to see which of the writers covering E3 you thought would walk the most during the show. The results? I won by a landslide, with McWhertor getting the least votes.


We spent this week strapped with digital pedometers from Nintendo's Personal Trainer walking to see who would actually take the most steps from Sunday until Thursday.


The results may surprise you:

Despite getting only 12 percent of the vote, Luke Plunkett topped the charts with 48,446 steps during the show. I took second place with 45,617. Stephen Totilo grabbed third place with 39,881 steps.

Rounding out the list were Mike McWhertor with 38,319 and Mike Fahey with 37,272. The real winner of the contest, though, was Gizmodo's Chris Mascari who busted his ass all week taking pictures and shooting video for us, and walking. He took 50,703 steps.

And now for the excuses: I forgot to bring my pedometer with me for much of Monday, slipping it in my pocket that night. Fahey points out that he got his late on Sunday, took a cab to a party, takes mammoth steps because he's a giant and that he has only half a face.


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