And we're done! The third day of E3, in the books. Today was a little quieter compared to the first two days, mostly because the "big three" had already shown their hands. That's not to say nothing happened, however. Plenty happened. And you can find the highlights below.

Liveblogging Take-Two's 2008 E3 Press Conference

Tretton: Sony Considering PSP with Harddrive

Liveblogging Konami's E3 2008 Press Conference

Rock Band 2: Perfecting The Game

E3 Gate Crasher: Ghetto Vader - Let Him In?

PS3 Press Conference Rehearsal Crashed By Mystery Blogger

Sega: The iPhone is as Powerful as the Dreamcast

Your 360 Themes "Could" Look Like This On The New Dash

Bungie's Halo Game Announcement Held Back For A "Dedicated Event"

Miyamoto: "We're Making Pikmin"

80GB PS3 To Hit "All PAL Territories" On August 27