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E3 Floorplan, Exhibitor List Revealed

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The official E3 Media & Business Summit has laid out its plans for this year's show, which returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center and is now confirmed to be completely devoid of off-topic spectacle. E3's past used to fill South, West, Petree, Concourse and Kentia Halls, but E3 2008 will occupy just the Concourse Hall, a massive scaling back of space. E3 exhibitors will still occupy meeting rooms in other halls, but to say that E3 is but a mere shadow of its previous incarnations wouldn't be inaccurate, as the bigger booths shown above occupy a 20' by 20' area.


We'll sure miss the booth babe photo ops. Again. For the full list of attendees, which is not represented well by the map above, make the jump.

* 1UP Network

* Akella

* Atari Inc.

* Bethesda Softworks

* CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc.

* Codemasters

* Crave Entertainment

* D3Publisher of America

* Deep Silver

* Disney Interactive Studios

* Eidos, Inc.

* Electronic Arts

* Fox Interactive Media

* Jagex Ltd.

* Konami Digital Entertainment

* LucasArts

* Majesco Entertainment

* Microsoft Corporation

* Midway Games, Inc.

* MTV Games

* NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.

* Natsume

* Nintendo of America Inc.

* Novint Technologies, Inc.

* Nyko Technologies

* Rebellion

* SEGA of America

* Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

* Sony Online Entertainment Inc.

* Southpeak Interactive

* Square Enix Inc.

* Take-Two Interactive

* Tecmo

* THQ, Inc.

* Toshiba America Information Systems

* Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.

* Valve Software

* Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

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