It’s Kotaku XP, our weekly video discussion of hot Kotaku topics! This week, E3 fever has infiltrated the collective game-liker immune system. Kotaku’s Gita Jackson and I discussed the Call of Duty Black Ops IIII announcements, the Rage 2 reveal, the bubbling excitement over possible Pokemon Switch announcements, Destiny 2's real-world treasure hunt, and The Witcher Netflix series’ writing process.

Here’s an excerpt, in which we discuss Andrew WK apropos of the Rage 2 trailer:

Tim: Your life is over now. Your life is running out. When your life is at an end. Then it’s time to kill again. We cut without a knife. We live in black and white. You’re just a parasite. So close your eyes. And say goodnight. You better get ready to die. You better get ready to kill. You better get ready to die. That’s—those are the words of Andrew WK, whose song “Ready to Die” was used in the trailer for Rage 2?

Gita: Yeah. I saw someone tweet “Man I love Andrew WK” after they watched that trailer and I was like, “I bet you money they used ‘Ready to Die’ because it’s always ‘Ready to Die.’” I mean, that song rules; that song owns.

Tim: “Your life is over now,” come on.

Gita [singing]: “Your life is over now!”

Tim: I saw him once; he was in a wheelchair, because he’d broken his leg.

Gita: What! Was it a full band, or when he just had a boombox?

Tim: Oh, he had a huge, full band.

Gita: His new album is actually pretty tight.

Tim: I remember when Pitchfork gave one of his albums like a 0.1. And then like 10 years later they gave it like a 9, or whatever.

Gita: It was perfect from the word go. That song, “I Get Wet,” it just kills.

Tim: I mean, that record’s ridiculous. So yeah, they used that song in this Rage trailer.


In summary: E3 fever is here, and we’re ready to die.

Last week, we asked you about your favorite Video Game Moms (aka “Video Moms”). Many of you mentioned Toriel from Undertale, aka “Goat Mom.” Rest assured I did not forget her last week. It’s just that I don’t consider her a Video Mom. She is a Real Mom.


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