E3 Board In Talks About Making Show Public

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It's a rumor that's been circling since the E3 Expo wrapped earlier this summer, that the show will return to all of its glory with all new approved access to the public. The latest word we've heard is that the idea has been officially brought forward and is in discussion by the board of the Entertainment Software Association. That means the possibility of an open E3 is one step closer to reality, if the rumor is true. The question now is, is the move, if it happens, too little, too late? Can anything save E3 at this point or was this year's event and the across-the-board negative reactions to it the final nail in the show's coffin?


It'll be a different kind of show if it's open to the public. It could be better, it could be worse, but it's not going to be the same as the old E3, just with open doors. The whole point of E3 in the past was that it was industry-only, so publishers were very open about what they showed.

No doubt there will be a lot of closed-door stuff, and the public parts will probably be a lot of flash and a big show without much substance. This is why it was never open to the public to begin with.

Not saying that's any different than any number of game conventions that already exist in this country, but I don't see why we need one more like that. E3 was successful to the point that it was successful because publishers were free to open up. I see no reason for E3 to exist if it's just another PAX or whatever.