E3 2014 Predictions

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Here at Kotaku we're predicting that there will be a gaming expo in Los Angeles next week. Sources say there will be news from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. What else will happen? E3 prediction time!


I'll go first. Mind you, I'm guessing...

  • We'll hear about an Xbox One/PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V. (Justification: Because even though Rockstar doesn't really do E3, news about their games is often featured in the big Microsoft and Sony press conferences. A new-gen GTA V just makes too much sense and would make too much money not to happen. Maybe it'll even come with the promised single-player DLC that we know nothing about. But, oh man, don't ask me to predict when they'll announce a PC version.)
  • Metroid will return... on the 3DS. (Justification: Well, Nintendo's got a 90-minute Wednesday evening press event dedicated to a single game, and while the Metroid series isn't exactly the juggernaut it would be in a righteous world, I do know that Nintendo likes to showcase some of its more hardcore-gamer-oriented games in its after-hours E3 sessions. And, other than something brand new, what else could be a big deal on a 3DS already swimming in Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., Zelda? The machine has already hosted just about all the other big Nintendo franchises. Sorry, F-Zero fans.)
  • Nintendo will up the Wii U to 128GB of storage. (Justification: They appear to be phasing out at least one of the 32GB models. They love bragging about how many copies of their new games are bought digitally. And because it's the year 2014 and a console with only 32GB of internal storage, well... that ain't right.)

OK. Maybe I'll throw in more below, but I'd like to get your predictions, too. Fire away!

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Jason Schreier

We'll see a Majora's Mask 3DS remake this fall. It'd make a good stopgap between now and the Wii U HD Zelda, presumably coming in 2015, don't you think?

Ubisoft will pull out yet another "one more thing" press conference reveal. And the universal reaction will be "meh," because the real Watch Dogs looked so underwhelming compared to the E3 2012 reveal.

EA will tease the next Mass Effect game. Battlefront III, too. Fall 2015 release for that one, to line up with Episode VII.

Sony will show off a JRPG of some sort for PS4. Not counting Project Beast. OK, maybe this one is wishful thinking. But how cool would it be to see a next-gen turn-based RPG during the big PlayStation conference?

Nintendo will have the best showing. They've got the most to prove, and some momentum coming off Mario Kart 8's big success. I feel like they're gonna bring out the big guns for this one.