Dying Light's latest patch removed a popular weapon-duplicating exploit, but don't worry: there's already a workaround. It only took players like Reddit's BillSavage a few hours to find a new way to break the game's loot system wide open. Learn how to do so in the video tutorial above. Text-instructions included below.

Here's how another player broke it down on BillSavage's thread:

1.) Open your inventory. You're going to 'drop' any item that has a number beside it. Ex: throwing knives, Molotov, stuff like that.

2.) Highlight that item! You push the right stick to drop it, BUT the moment you push the right stick, push the circle button and exit the menu. If you did it right, the small "how many items would you like to drop" menu will still be on the screen.

3.) Wait for the menu to disappear. Then take the weapon you want to duplicate and throw it, at the ground or wall or whatever. Before it lands, bring your menu back up!

4.) Your menu will still have the small " how many do you want to drop" on the screen, however you can move the stick to select your weapon you are duplicating and drop it from your inventory.

5.) Profit!

As some other players observed, this duping technique also works with the player's in-game stash. Learn how to use that exploit here:

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