Tired: Getting a team kill with your own ultimate in Overwatch. Wired: Dying a painful death as Genji, only to posthumously realize that you deflected the other team’s ult right back at them, resulting in a team kill so inevitable that their Bastion didn’t even try to get out of harm’s way.


That’s exactly what happened in this Play Of The Game—or Play Of The Century, as they were apparently told afterward—by KirbyMatkatamiba. As Genji, they leaped behind a Reinhardt shield and onto the payload to deflect a Bastion’s bullet spray back into his irritating face. However, KirbyMatkatamiba was severely outnumbered and ended up getting filled with lead (and other assorted metals besides) in seconds. To add insult to injury, the other team’s Torbjorn—who was positioned right behind Bastion—decided to unleash his brand new molten lava ult. It didn’t exactly go as planned.

Milliseconds before dropping dead from accumulated damage, KirbyMatkatamiba accidentally deflected the lava ult back at the enemy Torbjorn—and his entire team, whose positioning was conveniently ideal for having an unpredictable new ult dropped on their heads. As KirbyMatkatamiba’s body laid motionless, the eliminations poured in like so much volcanic death goop. Their teammates mopped up what little was left.  


Of course, this raises a whole host of questions about how exactly you’d go about deflecting a mini-eruption of lava with nothing but a sword. The nice thing about taking out the whole enemy team, though, is that there’s nobody around to ask questions afterward.

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