Dunking Oreo Cookies in Breast Milk Looks Difficult

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Oreos and milk, a snack time classic. Dunking Oreo cookies in a warm glass of milk? No problem. But dunking them in a warm glass of boob?

The above ad apparently debuted this month in South Korea with the tagline "Milk's favorite cookie" (more info here). In the print spot, a nursing baby holds an Oreo cookie. Titled "Oreo Basic Instinct", the ad was created by the South Korean branch of Cheil Worldwide, one of the globe's biggest ad firms.


Sometimes on Kotaku, we go to great lengths to test snack time treats—whether that is Chocolate Creme Twinkies or the McGangBang. But I think we'll sit this round out. You can't dunk Oreo cookies into boob, silly baby!

Check out the full (uncensored) print spot in the gallery above.

Oreo Basic Instinct [Ads of the World via Albotas]

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