Dungeons & Dragons Didn't Just Change Video Games, It Changed The World

Even if you've never actually played it, Dungeons & Dragons will have played some role in your gaming life. As is said in the clip above, if you've played Skyrim, or World of Warcraft, or any other RPG (or even game with RPG tendencies), you're simply playing a modern interpretation of a basic set of rules first laid down in the 1970s.


This trailer is for Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary, a classy and in-depth look at the tabletop game which has, very quietly, become one of the most defining and important cultural institutions of the past three decades, its influence felt far outside the world of those who huddle around tables listening to a dungeon master.

Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary [Official Site, via Laughing Squid]

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Of course, as someone else pointed out, there are no dragons in Skyrim. Only Wyverns.

Other than that, yeah it did affect RPGs. Heck, it's still being played today, be it 4th edition, Pathfinder, or some other sort of tabletop game (Shadowrun and Pathfinder are my faves.)