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Dungeon Bandits Sneaks Into Open Beta

Customize your character, form a team, and grab the dungeon's treasure before your opponents in Dungeon Bandits, PlayEnvy's upcoming tournament-style MMO, now entering open beta.

Dungeon Bandits is a dungeon exploration game with a competitive angle. Players select one of seven customizable character classes, choose which skills they want to bring with them into a match, join a team, and compete against other players to score the treasure located somewhere deep within a monster and trap-filled dungeon.

The focus is on action and community interaction, with a map editor allowing players to create their own devious dungeons and share them with the community.

Gearing up for a retail release later this year, Dungeon Bandit's open beta kicks off today at 11AM Kotaku time. If you're interested in giving Dungeon Bandits a try, head on over to the official web page and sign up. It's one of those increasingly rare open beta tests where you aren't required to have a key. Quaint, isn't it?

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