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Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

Illustration for article titled Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

This clip is currently being hosted on the site of a now-former 3D Realms employee (though it can no longer be accessed publicly). It's full of, supposedly, Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage.

You'll see many of the same enemies from that concept art that surfaced the other day, so it certainly looks legit. It also has boobs, so don't watch it at work.


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Sure, they were doing some mildly interesting things with the first person stuff, and the sports pitch boss fight looked interesting...But overall it just looks okay.

Is anyone really excited about this? Has anyone EVER been really excited about this? I mean really. Is there anyone sitting there thinking "Yes! This looks like it'd be worth my £40!"

Does gaming in its current state really need another shooter that looks like Quake 4, has a gruff protagonist with 'attitude' (consisting of repetitive voice clips) and gameplay consisting of shooting presumable aliens that are all shades of grey and brown?