Duke Nukem Forever Bringing Its 'Special Pain Cake' to the Mac This Summer

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Gamers who prefer their operating systems designed by Apple will also have a chance to take a bite of Duke Nukem Forever's "pain cake" this summer, when Aspyr brings 3D Realms, Gearbox Software and 2K Games' raunchy first-person shooter to Mac OS X this summer.

Having not yet played Duke Nukem Forever, I can't explain what a "pain cake" is or what it tastes like, Mac gamers, but it's part of the announcement released by Aspyr Media today. See?

"We are thrilled to play a part in bringing this gaming experience to the Mac," said Michael Rogers, President of Aspyr Media. "Duke Nukem Forever represents many of the best aspects of gaming: shooting aliens, saving ladies in distress, and great tag-lines. We think Mac gamers will love taking a bite of Duke's special pain cake."


The Mac version of the long in the making, critically panned Duke Nukem sequel is available for pre-order through Aspyr's Game Agent. Duke Nukem Forever for Mac will support Valve's Steam Play and Steamworks features when it hits this summer, currently sometime in August.

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nate venture

Oh boy, so now Mac gamers can play a (in all likelihood) very poorly ported version of an already shitty game. Great.

*Notice: my opinion of the game as shitty came from playing the demo, long before a single critic panned the thing. The gameplay is trash (opinion), most notably the driving, but also the shooting, visuals, and general feel.