Duge Huge: "You Can Call Me Whatever You Want"

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When Cliff Bleszinski was born, he was "Clifford Bleszinski". Then he became "CliffyB". Then he didn't want to be "CliffyB", he wanted to be "Cliff".


Then we made a typo, and he became "Dude Huge" — well, Bleszinski jokingly wanted us to call him "Dude Huge". Now? In an interview with OXM, the designer doesn't seem to care what you call him:

Honestly, that was just a media experiment to me. It was Stephen Totilo [former MTV Multiplayer editor, current Kotaku Deputy Editor] who started it — I had an IM conversation with him and said, "I'm thinking of abandoning that." And he broke it on MTV Multiplayer, and it got picked up everywhere, and then it turned into "Who does he think he is?" Dude, the fact that you're getting upset just means you're playing along with my joke here. You can call me whatever you like as long as you play the game.

That's awfully generous of him. Those thinking of calling D.H. a douchebag, he's one step ahead of you, calling himself a "giant douchebag" in the same interview.

Hello, My Name Is Cliff [OXM]


That's from an entire article OXM did. Cliff actually seems like a pretty cool guy. It seems to me like the 'cool' thing is for people who never met him to hate the guy. Interesting.

Personally, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and wait to meet him before writting him off as a douchbag. But again, that's just me.