Thirty-two year-old Atsushi Kogusuri might've thought he had a good business going. Since 2007, he's apparently sold over 1,500 modded PSPs online, with one hacked PSP going for anywhere between ¥15,000 (US$184) to ¥34,000 ($418). All of that has now changed.

Yesterday, the Kanto resident was arrested by the Japanese cyber cops for breaking Japanese copyright law. Kogusuri's most recent auction sale was in April, when he sold a modified PSP to a 52-year-old Tokyo resident.


At his house, police confiscated 176 modded PSPs. "I did this for my livelihood," said Kogusuri, who's unemployed. "Make no mistake." Police are investigating the matter further.

改造ゲーム機ネット販売 真岡署 商標法違反容疑で男逮捕 [下野新聞「SOON」]

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