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Dual-Wielding Star Wars Nut Arrested for Lightsaber Assault

Illustration for article titled Dual-Wielding emStar Wars/em Nut Arrested for Lightsaber Assault

A man from Hillsboro, Oregon has been arrested and charged with assault after allegedly attacking customers at a Toys 'R Us store with...two plastic lightsabers.


The man, armed with two "blue" sabers (so he thought he was a good guy!), started swinging the toy weapons at customers in the Hayden Island store last Wednesday.

When the police were called, the 33 year-old accused moved out to the car park. When cops confronted him there, he began attacking them with the lightsabers, and when one officer shot a taser at him he "knocked one of the wires away".


Truly an elegant weapon for a more civilised age.

Police eventually got the better of the rogue Jedi, who now faces "allegations of disorderly conduct, theft, assault, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer".

Hillsboro man held after alleged 'Star Wars' light saber assault at Portland Toys R Us [Oregon Live]

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("interfering with a police officer") order to not interfere with a police officer, he was supposed to let himself get his ass tazed!?

How about no?