DSi Sales Break 500,000

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Japanese people are buying the DSi. Lots of them. Nintendo sold over 500,000 DSi units (535,379 units by Enterbrain's numbers) during November, it's first month on sale. For comparison's sake, the DS Lite sold 550,000 units during its first month on sale in Japan.


The DSi's success has bolstered the DS platform's total sales to 24,239,590 units — a figure which includes the DS, DS Lite and the newly launched DSi.

ニンテンドーDSi、発売1ヵ月で販売台数50万台を突破 [Famitsu]


Nightshift Nurse

I don't think your cynicism is unwarranted. I still expect DSi sales to drop off rather sharply after the initial craze dissipates.

But hey...if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. All I can do is hope that Nintendo will take their success (and their cash) and pour it into development of a handheld that isn't so woefully underpowered.