DS World Record Attempt In London Tomorrow

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Almost exactly a year ago, 381 Australian kids set the Guinness World Record for simultaneous Nintendo DS playing. Game on! Tomorrow (Saturday October 25th) members of UK DS fan group DSLondon will try to crush those poor kids' dreams by SHATTERING the world record in a flurry of stylus swiping and button mashing as participants play any game they like for five glorious minutes. The organizers hope to attract at least 500 DS gamers to the Rocket Complex on Holloway Road, London. I will be there with my DS, because when it comes to making children sad - Kotaku will always represent. The ULTIMATE DS meetup [DSLondonRecord]


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Bring Back Duckman!

I've always wondered the effect of turning on Wifi, whether it be for Pictochat or gaming, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. That would be a record. I wanna see what happens if everybody tries to connect with each other like that. A wormhole only the Tardis can suck up?