DS Scrabble Beats Kid On "Fuckers" Triple-Word Score

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Well, if it isn't the Daily Mail, with another highly entertaining story about the EVILS and HORRORS of video games. In this instance, the evils and horrors of...Scrabble.


Yes, Scrabble. 36 year-old Tonya Carrington bought her son Ethan a pre-owned copy of Ubisoft's Scrabble for the DS, thinking it would keep him busy, maybe teach him a few new words.

Little did she suspect it'd proceed to kick his ass with a procession of slang words, from tits to toke to fuckers, which in a crushing blow to poor Ethan's self-esteem also gave his AI opponent a triple-word score for the win.

Cue Tonya protesting to filthy tabloid papers, cue Ubisoft proclaiming she should have used the game's junior settings, cue Nintendo washing their hands of the whole thing. Oh, and cue a sudden upswing in interest in the British version of Scrabble!

Mother's fury over Nintendo Scrabble game that taught her son a string of vile swear words [Daily Mail]


Pink DS? Really?

And it's Scrabble. If it's English, it's fair game.