"DS Hardware Demand Has Now Peaked Globally, Software Downturn To Follow"

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The Nintendo DS truly opened up the gaming to a larger audience. Same for the Nintendo Wii. But are these new gamers actually gamers or are they simply passing through? In short: Is casual gaming a fad time bomb waiting to implode? Analyst Hiroshi Kamide from KBC Securities Japan states:

Casual gaming growth has been the primary driver for the industry over the last three years, the key player being the Nintendo DS. We believe DS hardware demand has now peaked globally. A downturn in software demand is likely to follow, as casual gamers are ‘happy with their lot' and do not need to consume more. We feel that the same predicament awaits the Wii console with its similar market expansion angle. Titles such as ‘Brain Training' and ‘Wii Fit' do not act as ‘gateway drugs' to turn non-traditional gamers to core repeat users. We feel this is a structural industry issue that cannot be easily changed.


Continuing, Kamide adds that he believes the industry is in for a slowdown after three years of strong growth. Yet, Kamide adds, "Despite low consumer confidence, we feel core gamers will remain relatively resilient in terms of demand for marquee titles." Meaning? In Japan, big games like Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV and Final Fantasy XIII should do well when released. Casual games? Well...



Tim Rogers

@RogueSquid: it's opened itself up to 18 Million more people

No, it's put itself on a game platform owned by 18 million people; not all of them want to play Monster Hunter 3!

Meanwhile, all of the nearly-3-million people who own or have played the PSP versions of Monster Hunter want to play Monster Hunter 3, and they want the experience to be something like the experience of the Monster Hunter Portable games.

Let's say this, then: I'm saying that Monster Hunter is popular because of its portability; that the portable installments sell exponentially more than the home versions is an established fact. I'm saying that the Wii version might not sell as much as the PSP versions because it's not portable. If for no other reason.

As a portable game, Monster Hunter is amazing!

Notice, also, how Animal Crossing on the DS sold 4 million copies in Japan, compared to the 200,000-some copies sold of the Gamecube version.

@kommanderk: "its rather laughable that you use that as an example"

You know, it's downright creepy how often I tell a joke on the internet and some numbskull tells me that they laughed at it, like they didn't know it was supposed to be a joke. I suppose I should be proud!

You know, kid, it's very obvious to me that you're "flaming" me because I happen to have written a longer comment than others on a blog post that points out the possibility that Nintendo might not exist in its current state until eternity, and that this makes you angry inside because Smash Bros. is the extent of your knowledge re: world culture, and it's obvious to me that you can't spell, therefore your opinion means nothing to me, though hey! Here I am, gracing you with a response:

It's called "parallel structure". It's more than just a technique for Martin Luther King Jr. speeches — it's an efficient way of getting a point through to a large number of people!

What you need to do, right now, is let go of what your composition teachers taught you; you need to discard the disease that forces professors to tell students to never use the same word twice in one page, paragraph, or even sentence. You, sir, can't even place an apostrophe or spell beyond a fourth-grade level, and you're criticizing the structure of my writing: you are part of The Problem; people like you are the reason the world isn't perfect. Global economies require that people need money to live, and that people need jobs to earn money, and that people with no skills or common sense (like you) deserve jobs because no job for you means no money for you — means no life for you, and that would be inhumane. So someday someone will hire you to sit in an office and tweak Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. "Here's the project schedule, kid. Just, uhh, put it into a spreadsheet." There will be a fully-grown man in charge of breathing through his teeth and telling a hard-working intelligent guy "look, let's just, uhh, not start this project until The Gimp finishes with that spreadsheet, okay? We can't let him feel useless."

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