Drumroll Please, Japan's Top Ten Dragon Quest Games

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Square Enix polled Japanese gamers about which Dragon Quest titles they liked the best. Those gamers replied, the votes were tallied, and now, we have the results.

They are, along with the preferred platform, where applicable:

10. Dragon Quest VI (Super Famicom)
9. Dragon Monsters Joker 2
8. Dragon Quest IV (DS)
7. Dragon Quest VII
6. Dragon Quest VI (DS)
5. Dragon Quest V (DS)
4. Dragon Quest V (Super Famicom)
3. Dragon Quest III (Famicom)
2. Dragon Quest VIII
1. Dragon Quest IX


Remakes account for some of the repetition.

The first Dragon Quest was number 17 on the fan survey, and Dragon Quest II was 15. Released in 1986, Dragon Quest was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix. The game was released in 1989 in the West as "Dragon Warrior".

The Dragon Quest franchise is one of the most popular in Japan.

ドラゴンクエスト公式サイトアンケート・好きな作品タイトルベスト30 [Dragon Quest] [Pic]


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So.... probably stupid question, but this seems like a great place to soothe some concerns...

The last DQ I played was Dragon Warrior. Like, 1. I loved it, it was an important part of my childhood, but that was the last one I played. So if, for example, I picked up IX, would I be lost, or would the whole thing be very FF-like in that I might miss a couple of flavor jokes but nothing important?

And, given my DQ history, or lack thereof, where would folks recommend I jump on the wagon? If I was only to play one or two, which would you suggest?