Last year in Worcester, England, 22 year-old Steven Priddey claims he made a deal with store employee Richard Shurmer to exchange cannabis for a PSP. Shurmer claims that Priddey simply stole the PSP from the store! Security cameras show Priddey sticking the portable down his pants. But during questioning, Shurmer did admit that he bought the drug from Priddey twice before, but did not give him permission to take the PSP.

And how did this happy tale end? While Priddey's lawyers said cannabis clouded his judgment, Priddey was found guilty — because Shurmer, as an employee, does not have the authority to give out merchandise. While still stating that he had been given permission to take the PSP, Priddey was sentenced to probation for 12 months and must pay £450GBP (approx. US$698) in costs and £65GBP (approx. US$100) in compensation. Drugs are helluva of drug.

Dope-using thief has now given up - court [Worcester News via PSP Fanboy] [Pic]