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Driving Survival Is A Car Chase Horror Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes you come across a game premise and think, “Why aren’t there already tons of games like this? It’s such an obviously good idea.” As soon as I saw footage of Driving Survival, my imagination flew into overdrive.

Driving Survival (via RPS) takes the instinctive, primal terror of Bad People Chasing You In Cars and mashes it up with the tone and vibe of a survival horror game. Mysterious non-humans want you dead, and they will fuck up your ride until the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round straight down to oblivion.

It looks dread-inducing (in a good way):

I’m especially into what developer Soul Challenger is doing with the game’s first person view:

The interior is claustrophobically confined, a perfect conduit for tension and terror. Your car is all at once your only means of escape, your prison, and probably your coffin. As you drive, you can see your pursuers glinting in and out of your rear-view mirror. Frantically, you move forward, but each time you look back, their image taunts you. “It’s only a matter of time,” it smirks.


In some ways, this strikes me as a horror-tinged take on the car chases from last year’s Mad Max video game, which—unlike SOME PEOPLE—I loved. That plus the dread of driving alone on a country back road at night, only for some pale-as-death creepoid to start following you? Sign me up. Driving Survival is still in development, but it’s rapidly taking shape. You can follow its dev blog here.