Drinking And Gaming Can Kill A Man's Best Friendship

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My pre-holiday vacation is over, and our daily Speak-Up on Kotaku returns! Today commenter Gaston explores the very real dangers of drinking and gaming.


Let me tell you about the promise I made.

Typical weekend night. Got home late, but not too late. Drunk, but not too drunk. Tired, but not tired enough to sleep.


I did what anyone would do.

I took out my laptop and played some Fallout 3. Things went alright. I could have done better sober, but I didn't die. I did a lot of wandering, got a little bit actually accomplished, and went to bed content.

A few days later, when I played again, someone was missing.

"Dogmeat?! Dogmeat!" Surely he couldn't just disappear. He must be stuck running into a building or something.


Damn you, shitty pathfinding.

Comb the area. Search every crevice.


And suddenly it dawns upon me. Dogmeat isn't here. Not only did I fail to protect him, but I forever recorded that failure onto my Quicksave slot, made the process irreversible.


In my drunken stupor, I changed a temporary inconvenience into an eternal tragedy. Dogmeat would never be back. Never again would I hear his joyful bark. And I was alone. Terribly, tragically alone.

So let this be a lesson to all of you. I have promised to never drink and game again - not in an open-world game with permanent death. Your companions are simply too valuable.


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I wonder if this has a gaming equivalent.