Costumes can be hard work. If you really like Dragon Ball Z, want to dress up, and are kind of lazy, here are masks and outfits that require minimal effort.

Famitsu reports that the Goku, Piccolo, and Frieza masks go on sale in Japan this month for 5,590 yen (US$47), 4,990 yen ($42), and 4,990 yen (ditto) respectively. They are made from 100 percent Japanese latex!

[Photo: Gee! Store]

Japanese retailers such as Gee! Store are selling Dragon Ball Z costumes that can be matched with the masks (see above) for 10,584 yen ($88) each. Hopefully importers will make these available to those outside Japan, because they do appear to be better made than the Dragon Ball masks I’ve seen in the West.


[GIF: toprating2]

Top image: Gee! Store

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