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Dressing Like Lady Gaga To "Prove Chinese People Aren't Inferior"

Illustration for article titled Dressing Like Lady Gaga To Prove Chinese People Arent Inferior
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Once again, Chinese model Gan Lulu has raised eyebrows. This time it wasn't her seemingly awful mother-daughter relationship, but for what looked like a Lady Gaga cosplay. And it's not just that Gan Lulu dressed in several Lady Gaga-esque outfits this week (even though the Chinese press delights in pointing that out) or that she showed more skin that was really necessary (people can dress as they like!), it was her rationale for the get-ups.


On her Chinese social networking site, Lulu wrote: "If you call me Lady LuLu, then let me tell you that Gan Lulu is Gan Lulu! There is only one, just like how you are an individual! I want to prove that Chinese people aren't inferior! I don't care what other people have to say about me, I am me."

Sure, some people get hung up on things like this, feeling inferior or superior to others. For Gan Lulu, her feeling to overcompensate tends to manifest itself in showing off her body—and here, dressing like Lady Gaga while appearing at a car event in China few people actually care about and drumming up publicity for herself in the process. (Think Kim Kardashian.)


Gan Lulu is correct in that she can do whatever she likes and really doesn't have to worry about what other people think of her. And, maybe like Gaga, Gan Lulu can use fashion and sexuality to push boundaries. But there's so much more to Lady Gaga than just her fashion or the buttons she pushes...

Below, check out the Gan-Gaga comparison the Chinese media made.

干露露变身山寨版gaga [kdslife]

干露露昆明车展战衣似全裸 呛Lady Gaga国外干露露 [Yule]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

Illustration for article titled Dressing Like Lady Gaga To Prove Chinese People Arent Inferior

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Let me get this straight; this lady is making a social commentary (which her outfits) that the Chinese are not "inferior"? A country that is poised on becoming a "Super power", has the largest population in the world, with a language spoken by more people than any other, and who make pretty much any and all of the consumer products we own? I must be missing something...:-/

It's like when people look their noses down at Mexicans; who makes sure that the U.S. runs as efficiently as it does? Last time I checked, it was the Mexicans who did that.