Dream Of Mirror Online Okays Same Sex Marriages

Aeria Games welcomes same sex couples to their free-to-play online game Dream of Mirror Online, easing restrictions that previous kept partners with similar chromosomes from experiencing the joy and benefits of their marriage system.

Marriage in Dream of Mirror Online isn't just about role-playing. Like many free-to-play games out of the Asian continent, getting hitched in the game offers real benefits to players. In this case, after completing a series of quests and holding their dream marriage, couples can summon each other wherever they are in the game, as well as heal each other during combat, Now same sex partners will be able to enjoy the benefits of holy matrimony as well, which apparently is something Dream of Mirror Online players have been clamoring for since the North American version of the game went live in the fall of 2007.


So if you've got a sweetheart that uses the same bathroom at Burger King as you do and your state doesn't recognize your pairing, don't fret - you can spend the rest of your adorable virtual lives together in Dream of Mirror Online.

And yes, I realize the picture features a woman and (arguably) a man. Aeria has yet to approve same sex marriage wallpapers.

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