French Girls is an app that lets you post selfies for other people to then draw, the name coming from that line in Titanic. So what happens if you post video game characters? Mixed results, mainly.

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Yes. Yes it is.

lil.Batgirl is my hero.

That says "Argh, matey!" in case you weren't sure. In the game of 'Pirate or Snake' this person is out in the first round. There is no second round.

I'm trying to decide if there's a deeper meaning to the man in the flame. Or the Zippo was just easier to draw.

This hedgehog lost 50lbs. Trainers hate him.

At least she's happy.

Another win for lil.batgirl.

Oddly my favorite. They've somehow caught the ponderous weight and sadness of Joel's being. Or just drawn a fat potato with a head.

We like Minecraft!

Judgment Mario can see your soul.


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