Whenever there's talk of a new video game console, one of the first things to surface are bad photoshops. The next things to surface are bad mock-ups. If you can draw, do you feel like saving us all and doing a good mock-up?

This isn't like our weekly Photoshop contest. We're not after laughs, shits or giggles. What we'd like to see are real, quality, serious ideas, from people who know their way around Photoshop (or a tablet), on what Nintendo's next home console might look like, based on the rumoured specs, features and other pieces of information currently at-hand.

Your three best places to start for that information are:

The Great Big ‚ÄėWii 2‚Ä≤ Rumor Round-Up


Fresh Details About Wii 2's Unusual Controller (And Why It Won't Kill The Wii Remote)

We May Have a Whole Bunch of Wii 2 Specs

Once you're armed with all that info, knock yourselves out! You can do the controller, the console or both, it doesn't matter. There are no prizes on offer other than internet fame, sorry, but if you still feel like putting something together, either post it below or send me an email. We'll share the best in a gallery next week!