That, or it exploits Japan's love of Dragon Quest. Maybe, if not definitely, it does both.

Square Enix and Koei Tecmo gaves have wallpapered part of Tokyo's Shinjuku Station with bubble wrap covered in 100,000 Slimes. Who can resist bubble wrap? And in Japan, Dragon Quest has almost the same pull. Almost.

[Photo: Inside]

Because bubble wrap is seriously OCD heroin. You. Must. Pop. All.

This morning, there was some serious barricade security preventing people from popping the bubble wrap.

[Photo: f_eyebrooow]

But once the barriers were removed, people slowly began making their way to burst the bubbles.


The wall has a counter that racks up the number of Slimes popped each day. There are also encouraging messages, telling people that 100,000 Slimes have appeared and asking them to help defeat them.

[Photo: rimururu]

[Photo: ASCII]

In this Inside Game photo, you can see how people cannot control themselves and are moving like moths to an open flame.

[Photo: Inside]

They cannot help themselves!

[Photo: kurari75]

Even small children! And worse, people who still buy CDs! This is cruel, cruel stuff.

Top photo: Maya

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