Dragon Ball's Failure Meme Got An Enormous Sculpture

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Yamcha sucks, sure, but an enormous statue of the character’s famous meme pose does not.

Pictured is Yamcha’s Death Pose. The character met this grim fate at the hands of the weak baddie Saibaman, and the pose has come to symbolize utter failure.


This huge statue version of that pose is anything but. It was a success!

As FigureNews reports, it went up in Shanghai, China last November. However, some folks seem to be discovering it just now (see above tweet), leading to unfortunate remarks about the Coronavirus.

Again, the statue went up months ago and doesn’t appear to be on display anymore.

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Yamcha is still the...(counting the children...not counting Beerus and Whis who don’t live on earth...damn even Roshi passed him...fuck Dende...Uub is still canon right?)...14th most powerful fighter on earth...until Gohan and Vegeta’s baby girls go Super Saiyan.