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"Dragon Ball Should've Ended with Frieza's Arc," Says Former DB Editor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dragon Ball isn’t finished. We’re getting a new series, and no doubt, more movies. But former DB manga editor Kazuhiko Torishima thinks it all should’ve ended long ago.

During the 1980s at Weekly Jump magazine, Torishima worked closely with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, editing his manga Dr. Slump. He was also the first editor to work on Dragon Ball. But 1993, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the then newly-launched V-Jump. Now, he is the head of Shueisha, the publisher that puts out Weekly Jump and a whole host of magazines. He’s an important dude!


In a recent interview reported on Livedoor News, comedian Kendo Kobayashi mentioned how iconic Dragon Ball has become in Japan and asked Torishima, now that he’s stepped away from the series, for his impressions.

“Yes... I wonder where’s a good place to end it,” Torishima replied.

Kobayashi agreed that doing a finale would not be easy and asked Torishima where he thought would have been the best place to end it.


“Of course, it should’ve been wrapped up with the Frieza Saga.”

I guess Torishima feels that was a logical ending? Or maybe he wasn’t thrilled with what followed. Referring to Dr. Gero and Android 17 and 18, Torishima said, “If you’re going to have an old fart fight ladies, then it’s best to call it a day.”

But as Livedoor News explains, Dragon Ball had become so popular. There were many people involved and lots of money at stake. It would not have been an easy thing to end.

Around that time, Torishima said he was no longer Toriyama’s editor and at another magazine (V-Jump). With what was going on with the anime, things were apparently rough for Toriyama. “It was the hardest time, and I wasn’t able to help him,” Torishima said.


“This is just a ‘what if,’ but I think if Toriyama had ended it at the Frieza Saga, then he would’ve gone on to write a third hit manga,” Torishima said. To date, Toriyama has had two hits: Dr. Slump and the Dragon Ball series. Both have been smash hits.

Livedoor News notes that since Dragon Ball debuted, Toriyama hasn’t started any new, long-running manga. He has done numerous short series, but nothing as large and continuous as Dr. Slump or Dragon Ball. Dr. Slump debuted in 1980, and Dragon Ball began in 1984. And here we are in 2015.


Top photo: Dragon Ball Wikia

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