It started with a Japanese schoolgirl trend: Kids doing anime style attacks and uploading their pics to Twitter. The trend went global, with people all around the world doing their version of Dragon Ball moves. Now, that meme has some new competition: The Dark Side of the Force.

Say hello to "Vadering". The trend began on March 30, apparently, with Twitter user Rob Martinez (via 9gag). It seems to be an offshoot of the Dragon Ball photo trend, which Kotaku posted last week.

The Force is strong with these ones!

For more on the Force Grip (and its various cousins), check out the Star War's Wikia page on Telekinesis.


Rob Martinez (via 9gag via Nerd Approved via Neatorama; more here, here and here), Jon Adams, Robert Hill Bronson, David Leake, Trevor K Dennis, Brandon Butler [Twitter]

501st Legion [Facebook]

(Top photo: Trevor K Dennis | Twitter)