Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Harsher Penalties For Rage Quitters

Poor Jiren disconnected from one too many online matches.
Poor Jiren disconnected from one too many online matches.
Screenshot: Bandai Namco

The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ update includes a new system that will impose harsh penalties on those who rage quit, in an effort to stem the tide of players disconnecting from online matches.


According to an in-game news bulletin, players who “deliberately disconnect” from an online match will be restricted from entering online lobbies for a full week. This is a severe penalty that should give anyone second thoughts about angrily shutting down their console while getting their butts kicked.

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Screenshot: Bandai Namco / Kotaku

“If a player is found to be repeatedly engaging in the above behavior, the restrictions mentioned above may become permanent for that player,” the announcement adds. It’s unclear how the developers will differentiate between a “deliberate” disconnect and one caused by other connection issues.

More than any other fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been plagued by folks leaving matches early if they appear to be on the verge of losing. While frustrating in its own right, the fact that the player who is left behind isn’t subsequently awarded a win for their performance only compounds the problem.

Dragon Ball FighterZ development is still going strong over two years after it launched. The three-on-three fighting game is scheduled to receive its 17th downloadable character, Master Roshi, some time in September.

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This is such a weird reaction to the problem. Just give the person who is still connected the win and the other guy the loss and call it a day. They already have a flag for frequent disconnecters you can filter by.

This... kinda does nothing. If someone is particularly annoyed at taking a beating they can still disconnect once, which probably means excepting people actively boosting this keeps the average number of ragequites you’ll find pretty flat, and it still doesn’t give you the points, which is the whole reason people hate bumping into ragequitters.

Not that it matters, because a while ago they also rolled out an update that basically gives you free points just for grinding ranked matches, so ranks don’t mean anything anymore, so...

Seriously, this is  a fantastic game that I’m still playing on and off, but Japanese devs *really* don’t get online competition. They’re slowly getting there, and things are better than they were a few years ago, but... not there yet.