Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt Review: An Unsatisfying Epilogue

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"Never follow me," said the dark witch Morrigan as she disappeared towards the end of Dragon Age: Origins. Adventurers never were very good at listening.

In the final downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, players are tasked with tracking down the abrasive sorceress and learning her true motivation for siding with the Grey Wardens. It's been a year since she was last seen, and curiosity has finally gotten the better of us. Where has she gone? What is she doing? Is she thinking of us? These questions and more drive our hero and two new companions on an adventure that will take them to the far reaches of Ferelden.

Of course just because they're far reaches doesn't mean we haven't reached them before.


New Faces: For the brief time you know them, new characters Ariane and Finn are charming companions, something fresh and new in Witch Hunt's stew of regurgitated content.



Old Places: The enemy population may have been mixed up a bit, but the locations you visit in Witch Hunt are places you've been before. There's really not much new to see here.

Fast Paces: From start to finish, Witch Hunt only lasted an hour and fifteen minutes. That's including several defeats and restarts. That's pretty pathetic.

Witch Hunt would be bad enough if it presented us with an hour of new gameplay, but having players wandering through areas they already explored for 60 minutes to deliver an ending that could just as easily have been released as a free teaser trailer bridging the gap between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II is an insult to players who've invested so much time and energy to playing through this epic tale.


Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt was developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts on September 7. Retails for $6.99 USD or 560 Microsoft points. A download code for the game was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes. Played through entire story on normal difficulty.

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Witch Hunt was awful, but most DAO DLC was. Awakenings was okay as an xpac, but still fell a little flat at the end. Witch Hunt was the worst of the worst DLC though. Partially because Ariane and Finn were the best new supporting characters to date, Ariane being the first Dalish I didn't want to strangle and Finn being generally likeable as a bit of a goober.

But they are only around for a very short time, in a story that is "about" Morrigan, and she shows for no more than 3 minutes and then leaves.

Also, $5 says the baby she had is Hawke.