Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One

Given what I've heard so far about the third game in BioWare's fantasy epic, I'm of the opinion that you should play Dragon Age: Inquisition. In case you need a platform qualifier to that statement, IGN has made a lovely graphics comparison video.


Judging from the video alone, the differences between PC and the two console versions come down to, as they often do, particles and lighting. The most dramatic difference can be seen at about 3:50 in the video, when the difference between the PC version and Xbox One is almost literally night and day.

Either way you slice it, this is going to be one beautiful game. It's just some versions are a little more shady than others.


Kirk Hamilton

I've played a bunch of the game on both PS4 and PC, and really, the biggest difference between consoles and PC isn't the way that game looks, it's the frame rate. The PC version runs at 60fps (it's flexible, too, and with some tweaking runs well even on my older PC), and that makes a pretty big difference during combat. Another cool thing the PC version does is it lowers the frame rate to 30 during cutscenes and dialogue, which gets away from the "puppets talking to each other" thing that past BioWare games suffered from with 60fps cutscenes.

The game looks great and plays fine at 30fps, and you're not going "wrong" getting it on console, but it's much clearer, sharper, and more responsive at 60. So that's the biggest difference, and the thing that really sets the PC version apart, not texture quality or lighting or whatever else shows up in a screenshot comparison.