Dragon Age II Is A Bit More Playable On PC Today

BioWare has released patch 1.02 for Dragon Age II, patching various bugs, quest glitches, and technical foul-ups and generally making the game a bit more tolerable on the Mac and PC. Check out the full patch notes here.

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I don't understand all the DA2 hate. Yes, I liked DA:O better, but you don't hear me preaching hate about DA2, do you? The game itself wasn't bad, it was just different. It's a medieval Mass Effect, and everyone loves Mass Effect.

If you're in to game art, you probably noticed that DA2 had more of a distinct style compared to that of DA:O, in everything from scenery to music to animations; for you graphics whores out there, teh graficks wure allso made bettur then b4 lololol.

The story was, in my opinion (because if I don't specify, people won't get that what I say is an opinion... go figure), better in DA2. DA:O's story was standard, and a little unbelievable; a single, seemingly unimportant person rises from nothing to slay a demon, bend everyone's fates to his/her own will along the way, and ultimately save the day. DA2's was a little more real, or at least as real as suspension of disbelief will allow; a single, seemingly unimportant person flees the darkspawn, gets stuck in a horrible city, tries to make the best of it, but in the end doesn't really save anyone.

Also, I'm seeing a whole lot of "this game is unplayable". Did you ever actually play it, or are you just parroting what everyone else says? I've done two full (completionist) playthroughs without experiencing a single glitch, so I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at. Pokemon Green? Unplayable. Dragon Age 2? Playable.

tl;dr - Dragon Age 2 was ok.