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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Dragon Age Girls Do It With Their Undies On

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After getting unfairly reamed in the press over Mass Effect's brief flash of nudity, BioWare plays it a bit safer in Dragon Age: Origins, with characters having sex the old-fashioned way - in their underwear.

You have the option to click play on the video below and completely spoil your sexual experience in Dragon Age: Origins, or you can simply turn away and go about your business. The scene below came after hours of my City Elf rogue wooing and coddling the human rogue Leliana.

Considering the amount of crap BioWare caught for Mass Effect's sex scene, one can't blame them for leaving the tops on. Besides, once the PC version hits tomorrow I'm sure some enterprising modder will figure out how to get their tops off, as it's probably easier than removing a real bra. That's why I keep scissors on my bedside table.


Again, spoiler! Don't blame us if you click the shiny, candy-flavored button. And if you want more Dragon Age: Origins, be sure to stop by tomorrow for our full review of the PlayStation 3 version.


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